Our Products

We work with carefully selected suppliers that meet our quality control standards in order to reduce the possibility of contamination. The elaborate processes that we undertake assure clients of our unwavering commitment to delivering high quality products. Our products can be packed according to the buyers’ custom requirements. Additionally, we deliver all shipments promptly as required.

Agro Commodities Export

Our primary focus is on Agro products such as dried split ginger, cashew nuts, dried hibiscus flower, hibiscus siftings, cocoa beans, gum-arabic & grains such as sesame seeds.

Dried Hibiscus Flower

Product Description

Dried Hibiscus Flowers have many benefits in its whole form or as an extract. Rest assured that we source only the best quality flowers of Nigerian Origin - with the added bonus of availability at competitive prices.

Cocoa Beans

Product Description

We source and supply great quality cocoa beans of Nigerian origin that are carefully sorted and properly processed. Majorly known for its significance in food production both locally and internationally, cocoa beans are also known for numerous health benefits.

Chilli Pepper

Product Description

We supply dried chili pepper of Nigerian origin, which is well-renowned to pack spice and flavour. Avail our great quality product at competitive prices.

Dried Split Ginger

Product Description

With the expertise of our team, we carefully pick out the best Dried Split Ginger with authentic taste and pure properties. Dried Split Ginger possesses a plethora of benefits including cold relief, nausea relief and also poses as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant..


Product Description

Peanuts are a versatile legume that is important to both small and large commercial producers. Our experienced team supplies the best quality of raw peanuts from Nigeria at competitive prices.

Raw Cashew Nut

Product Description

With a myriad of benefits and healthy properties, Raw Cashew Nuts are low in sugar, rich in fibre, enriched in heart-healthy fats and plant protein. We source our Raw Cashew Nuts from the best of the lot and provide you with assured quality products.